Our Whiskey Dream


Ned Morrisey Barley Cultivation at Curraghmore Whiskey
NED MORRISEY (Head of Barley Cultivation)

We are a family whiskey and our mission is to grow a legacy that will last generations.

Curraghmore is blessed with extremely fertile land to cultivate premium quality Irish malting barley and other grains. Land that has been farmed by the De La Poer family for over 850 years.

Ned Morrisey who is head of barley cultivation at Curraghmore Whiskey has been cultivating crops here for 16 years and is a master of his craft. Especially when dealing with Curraghmore soil.

Our focus is to produce a premium Pot Still Whiskey aged to perfection in premium quality casks on Curraghmore Estate sourced from all over the world. We are aiming for our whiskey to become a full bodied and complex pot still that maintains the traditional and elegant smoothness of an Irish pot still whiskey.

We grow our own barley and currently our whiskey is distilled by a third party. John Teeling our mentor and friend who is currently CEO of  The Great Northern Distillery in Dundalk accepts our grain to be distilled by Brian Watts  Head distiller. Along with Brian we as a family decide the ingredients and quantities of the mash bill on a yearly basis. A world class team to make world class whiskey.

Curraghmore Whiskey Barrel Waterford

What does the future hold ?

Our goal in time is to become a to the bone authentic single estate Irish whiskey. To achieve this premium status we will be constructing a boutique distillery at Curraghmore alongside renovating 17th century farm buildings into maturation warehouses exposed to the winds that come straight off the Comeragh mountains. 

These foundations will hold the framework to a rare premium Irish whiskey that will allow our family to produce whiskey for generations.