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Limited Casks Curraghmore Whiskey

We currently have an exclusive offering available.  125 x 200 litre casks of new fill Curraghmore single estate Pot still Irish whiskey either laid down in a choice of ex-bourbon or sherry casks.

The journey of your individual cask of Curraghmore Tailored Single Estate Whiskey begins with a personal Whiskey Fitting* We meet you for a series of Whiskey trials and tastings. This process allows us to study your personal flavour preferences, in order to develop a Whiskey Style, Character as well as a finish that will be tailored to your own individual taste. The results of your personal Whiskey Fitting* much like a tailor’s measurements for a bespoke suit, allow us to decide on the source and the selection of the unique cask styles that will be used in the further maturation and finishing process of your tailored whiskey. A unique cask investment opportunity that allows you the individual to create your own expression of Curraghmore Whiskey.

Whiskey making is a supreme art, where real value lies in individual expression.
When fully matured, you whiskey will be an expression of who you are……..

The Curraghmore Whiskey Membership

On becoming a member not only do you acquire some rare and unique whiskey alongside you become a part of an exclusive club of whiskey connoisseurs and enthusiasts. You also gain direct access to Curraghmore and the activities on the estate. Tours of the house, hiking, shooting, fishing are amongst many that are the best way to enjoy the natural beauty of Curraghmore and absorb the history and heritage of one of Ireland’s oldest family homes.

Members are also the first to have access to the rare limited edition first bottling of Curraghmore whiskey before the public.


*Trade Marked